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If you don't drive your business,
you will be driven out of business.

B. C. Forbes


Business mentoring


Creating value

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Planning and implementing a business strategy in a fast-changing environment is increasingly the situation in which most organizations now work.

Most often, strategy choices are driven by business development and may include:


  • Development and/or re-organization of sales channels
  • Effectiveness of new product development process
  • Development of new markets
  • Shaping the business organization
  • Effectiveness of the supply-chain management
  • Strategic partnerships
  • International development
  • Mergers & acquisitions

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Creating value in the strategy implementation process implies a clear understanding of the desired change, a rigorous method of implementation and a strong communication strategy in order to engage people at all levels.

The role of the business mentor is to advise the BOD and the Management Team on the right path to develop and implement the strategic action plan and to guide them on this path.


Our Approach


John Kotter is among the leading thinkers in understanding and managing change. He developed an eight step change model that we apply in all our mentoring interventions for strategy implementation:


  • Increase urgency: inspire people to move and make change objectives real and relevant
  • Build the top team: get the right team in place for leading the implementation process, including the right mix of skills and levels
  • Develop a vision: get the top team establish a clear vision and strategy
  • Communicate for buy-in: Involve maximum of people, communicate simply and address people’s needs
  • Empower action: remove obstacles, enable constructive feed-back, reward and recognize progress and achievements
  • Create short-term wins: set steps that are easy to achieve, manageable in terms of change resistance
  • Be persistent: foster and encourage ongoing process reporting, stick to the plan
  • Make change stick: reinforce the value of successful change by identifying culture challenges, required leadership transformation and support people in changing


We support organizations in all phases of strategy development  and implementation or we intervene in specific areas. In any case, our mentoring intervention is calibrated in order to create maximum business value for your organization.



Starting Point


We conduct a 2day complimentary diagnostic review, where we conduct interviews with selected executives of the organization. Based on this review, we discuss with the Top Management (BOD, CEO) and agree on the scope of the mentoring intervention.

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