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Internal Mentoring


Creating value

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Internal mentoring is a process that uses the experience, knowledge and wisdom of current leaders to develop the potential of future leaders or support colleagues in specific expertise areas.  For example, many organisations develop succession plans and implement development programs for talent pool members to ensure key positions can be filled when an incumbent exits the organisation.  However these plans and programs are only successful if the organisation has invested in the future development of the people identified in the succession plans. 

The value of our intervention is to assist the client in implementing a mentor program that will grow the skills of its future leaders and ensure the continued success of the business. 

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Internal Mentoring programs are most effective when they are used for developing the potential of:  


  • People identified in succession plans,  
  • Graduates,  
  • Young professionals (high potentials), 
  • where mentoring is used to focus on the future potential of staff.


Many of the skills used by mentors can be used in a number of other areas within the business and the internal mentoring program is also a development process for the mentors.



Our Approach


We have developed an effective mentor program based on extensive experience in implementing mentor programs in a number of organizations, in Greece and abroad, in profit and non-profit organizations.   We work with our clients to set up the program and train the mentors.  Subsequently the program is managed internally thereby providing a very cost effective solution to the capability of the organisation.   We will train mentors in a range of processes and techniques that will equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to be an effective mentor. All the processes and techniques we use are underpinned by well researched theories and models as well as evidence-based techniques.

The client will have a choice in how the program is set up and implemented.  After selection of mentors, we recommend initially conducting a joint training workshop with mentors and their mentees.  

Our on-going involvement with the program will be negotiated with each client.


In summary, the approach we take is:


  • Initial consultation to discuss the program
  • Identify the mentoring opportunity (ies)
  • Determine the set up and implementation approach
  • Select the mentors
  • Conduct a joint training workshop
  • Matching mentors and mentees
  • Supervise mentors during the implementation of the program
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the program: benefits for the mentees and for the mentors



Starting Point


The initial one day consultation is complimentary.  Information gathered at this consultation is used to prepare a formal approach, tailored to the needs and context of the organization.  

Based on this approach, we discuss with the Top Management (CEO, Human Resources) and agree on the scope of the internal mentoring program.

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