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The team with the best players wins.

Jack Welch


Team Coaching


Creating value


Team coaching helps a leadership team move toward becoming a real team by bringing the hidden dynamics out so they can be addressed in the team managed collectively.  

An outstanding leadership team delivers real business results. They advance the leader’s agenda much more quickly than an average performing team and they enable the company to weather the tough times more effectively. Outstanding teams don’t just happen, there are created and nurtured by their leader who understands their power and business value.


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It may come as a surprise to some that the use of leadership teams at the top of major organizations is a relatively new phenomenon. The way top leadership is organized is a product of strong cultural patterns. In organizations across the globe there are a variety of forms, often diverging based on the extent to which the company is family-owned or owned by an individual, the state, or the public. However, in the last decade, we’ve seen a rise in the use of senior teams for top leadership as the complexity resulting from globalization, increased diversity in both the marketplace and the organization has increased. This increase in the utilization of teams at senior levels has not been matched by an increase in the ability of CEOs and other leaders to make good use of teams. There are problems with the purposes, membership, operations, and achievements of many senior leadership teams.

In spite of the difficulties, the complexities faced by organizational leadership are requiring the involvement of larger, more diverse kinds of leadership teams. Our experience is that more and more of these teams are seeking the support of experienced team coaches to improve their effectiveness.

What are the roadblocks to successful operations of a senior leadership team? There are several sources of difficulty that are unique to these groups.


1. First, the spotlight is on them. Everyone in the organization scrutinizes their every move for signs. So does the competition. This does not encourage an environment of reflection or open disclosure.


2. The power dynamics are central to the operations of the group. Every choice and every decision are affected by the outcomes sought, but also by how they affect the influence and future plans of each of the members. Contributing to the complexity of power and influence is the fact that the CEO is both the leader of the team and the head of the organization.

3. Tension exists between the cooperation needed to work as an enterprise team and the implicit competition of people who are crowded around the door to the CEO’s position.


4. The individuals on the team are typically stars in their own fields and practices who have been rewarded for outstanding individual contributions. In most cases, they are currently assessed on the success of their function in delivering desired results and seldom rewarded in any substantial way for contributions to the success of others. They have an excess of overconfidence about their abilities coupled with poorly managed anxiety about how to deal with each other and the challenges they face jointly.


Perhaps the biggest difficulty is that each member of the team is required to play multiple roles simultaneously and some of those roles have implicit conflicts. For example, each head of a function is expected to maximize the effectiveness of that function. At the same time, the enterprise strategy requires that resources be allocated (money, time, attention, promotion, etc.) in a way that maximizes the benefit to the organization as a whole.

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Our Approach


Our approach for team coaching relies on the team effectiveness model developed by R.Hackman, professor at Harvard University.

The five conditions for top team effectiveness identified are:


  • Clarity of direction and purpose
  • Appropriate structure and norms
  • Right mix of people
  • Organizational support
  • Individual and team development


This section outlines the course of a typical team coaching engagement where the coach and the team members work on these five conditions:


1. The team leader discusses the team’s mandate and the context with the   coach. The leader also clarifies which decisions the team will and will not be able to make during coaching.
 Decision on conducting team and/or individual assessment is taken at this stage.


2. The team leader and coach design the nature of the partnership: usually a series of team coaching sessions over time, with individual coaching as appropriate. The team leader is generally an equal partner with the rest of the team during the sessions, and the team’s diversity is regarded as a strength.


3. Major building blocks in the sessions are openness, trust and establishing relationships between all members and with the coach.


4. The team agrees on outcomes and its agenda.


5. In his role as partner in the team’s journey, the coach provides tools, structures and questions to reinforce continual learning for the members and the team. He uses them as appropriate for the moment, rather than providing a predetermined formula for resolution.


6. The coach facilitates the growth of members’ awareness on self, others, and the systems in which they work, using experiential and other techniques. The team coaching process occurs through conversation between members of the team and the coach where action plans for team improvement are defined and executed by the team.



Starting point


We conduct a 2day complimentary diagnostic review, where we conduct interviews with selected leadership team ‘s members, including the CEO. Based on this review, we discuss with the Top Management (CEO) and agree on the scope of the team coaching intervention.

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