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Example is not the main thing in influencing others.

It is the only thing

Albert Schweitzer


Value-based Leadership


Creating value

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Rosabeth Moss Kanter, in a book concerned with the global crisis of business and American-style capitalism, expresses a view that new business models must arise: specifically, in the corporate sector, these are to be models that serve society in addition to rewarding shareholders and employees.


The range of advantages that values-based organizations companies tap through their strategic use of operating philosophies or principles are:

Competitive differentiation. An emphasis on corporate values builds specific lines of business and strengthens an organization’s brand. Success means that competitors may start emulating particular initiatives but that merely raises the bar: a clear sense of societal purpose provides a wellspring that can produce the next wave of activity. Competitors who attempt to copy initiatives without underlying corporate values will always be behind the vanguard.


Public accountability via end-to-end responsibility. Corporate values help meet the public’s request that organizations should know, care, and communicate about all aspects of their products and services—from sources to applications to ultimate disposal. Greater contact with stakeholders across the value chain builds an organization’s brand and triggers opportunities for innovation.


Rationale for long-term thinking. Corporate values that include operating philosophies or principles of sustainability help organizations create continuity. They become values-based organizations that have meaning1_ beyond their current bundle of assets or lines of business. Such values help them avoid "short-termism" and make choices with an eye on the future.


Common vocabulary and guidance for consistent decisions. Corporate values are an essential guide to organizations that need to make fast decisions and take quick action in far-flung or differentiated operations. Their clear articulation helps personnel select among alternatives in a consistent manner.


Talent magnets and motivation machines. Talented people are mobile but, essentially, they are attracted (and faithful) to organizations whose corporate values match their key concepts and ideals. (An organization’s brand and reputation affect its ability to attract the right people.) If organizations are networks of people working toward the same end, corporate values should help ensure that personnel are proud of what they are doing and are motivated by that.


"Human" control systems—peer review and a self-control system. Belief in corporate values strengthens peer responsibility for keeping one another aligned; it also generates self-guidance and self-policing. Such human control systems do not work perfectly but they reduce the need for rules and help make people feel free and autonomous:1_ personnel become willful actors who make their own choices based on values they support.

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We see strong potential synergy between financial performance and attention to community and social needs, unique competitive advantage from embracing the values and expectations of a new generation of professionals, and growth opportunities from stressing corporate values and restraining executive egos when seeking strategic alliances and integrating acquisitions.



Our Approach


Based on the Barret model for Culture Transformation, we have developed an effective and flexible approach in order to make organizations and leaders “Live the Values”.   We work with our clients to develop and review their values system, if needed, and develop their leaders to become the “values champions” in the organization.  Subsequently the process of cascading down the values to the lower levels of the organization is managed internally thereby providing a very cost effective solution to the capability of the organization.   We translate the corporate values into actionable behaviors, working together with the company leaders, and we equip them with the toolkit that will allow them to coach and guide their people in implementing the corporate values in a sustainable way.

Typically such program includes:

 Initial consultation to discuss the program

Decoding the corporate values and link them with value creation for the business.  

 Link corporate values with actionable leadership behaviors per functional area of the organization

 Develop communication and internal marketing for launching the program

 Implement value-leadership program per functional area

Evaluate the effectiveness of the program: benefits for the leaders and for the organization



Starting Point


The initial one day consultation is complimentary.  Information gathered at this consultation is used to prepare a formal approach, tailored to the needs and context of the organization.  

Based on this approach, we discuss with the Top Management (CEO, Human Resources) and agree on the scope of the value-based leadership program.

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