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Guillaume Sennequier 

Building Leaders and Organisations across Africa

Gilles trained me and now supervises me in my coaching activities. He is also a mentor at times, providing advice on how to grow our company faster. Gilles has amassed a vast experience and know-how both as coach and as leadership development consultant. If you are a GM/ MD/ CXO considering being coached, I suggest you pick Gilles - he will make you "move", for the better.


Niko Nehama 

General Manager at ESKEE

Long experience as a consultant in various bussineses as well as his cross cultural perspective and his coaching skills allow Gilles to provide excellent value in strategic and organisational matters


Céline Balanca 

Chef de projet – consultante

Gilles est un coach et mentor de grande qualité. Sans jugement, sans préjugés il accompagne avec tact et adaptabilité son discours et sa position à la situation vécue. C'est aussi une personne très à l'écoute et qui possède d'excellentes qualités de renforcement des capacités d'autrui.


George Raikos

Business and Technology Strategist

Gilles is a true mutlinational mentor and coach, making his practice an actual, inseparable part of his life - a true teacher teaching by example...He seems casual at times, enjoying good company, always with a fine sense of humor and a healty appetite for a good laugh alongside any discussion, yet it is evident that he puts his caring for your wellbeing and his unquestionable ability to make people move on, into practice during all human interactions.


Nermeen Hassan

Co-Founder & Executive Director - Vivid Life

Gilles is an excellent Mentor and coach, easily and smoothly differentiate between being a mentor and being a coach to support his clients and friends at different stages. amazingly searching in the personal hidden side and staying very focus on professional and business objectives.


Thanassis Avramopoulos 

Administration, HR & Finance Director

Gilles is one of the most experienced business consultants you can find in the Greek market. He has deep knowledge of many industries and especially of Banking & Finance one. He can deliver his ideas across to client's top level officials and at the same time he can coach the people he is working with.


Maria Tachataki 

Senior Consultant at Hay Group

Gilles has the ability to provide unique insight into a project, looking at the big picture and translating his experience into inovative ideas according to business needs. He is approachable and a good listener and always willing to help


Maria-Daphne Chryssicopoulos

Occupational Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Management Consultant 

Gilles has a broad understanding of market and organizational issues and the ability to conceptualize insightful solutions. He's also a pleasure to work with, as he values clients and co-workers, and is open to both learn from them and share his own knowledge and experience. Great coach!


Maria K.

Marketing Director – Pharmaceutical Company

It was a very fruitful & interesting coaching experience from my side that helped me to realize more the difference between fact & belief, to focus on the fact & take action respectively. Mr Gambade is inspiring me & helped me to think clearer based on facts.


Nassos D.

General Manager – Chemical Company

Gilles has a very clear approach on business coaching based on his wide expereince as an executive. He definitely brings true business value in his coaching and helped me to take my leadership to the next level.


Irini M.

Managing Director – Banking

Gilles is a great executive coach who supported me in the business transformation that had to be done in the organisation. He combines ledership experience and creativity to support his coachee  discovering new business insight.

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